Saturday, February 5, 2011

Be Intentional

Valentine's Day is approaching fast, and I as I think about the celebration of love that this day brings forth, I wonder why we need a holiday to celebrate love. I know I  have been given love beyond compare, undeserved love. And while I have been handed that gift, I often times forget to extend that gift. I neglect those closest to me, I forget to love them. I am talking about real intentional love, an effort put forth to show just how much I love them and how important they are to me.  Life goes by so fast and there are so many tasks to complete, and I often move from one to another without much thought and before you know I am comfortably coexisting with my family. 

God has called me to be a wife, a stay at home homeschooling mommy, and the keeper of this home. And with all the effort I muster, I fail at this calling everyday, not for lack of trying, but because the emphasis of my efforts are misplaced. I have come to realize that clean dishes and laundry, a perfectly organized with everything house in it's place home and gourmet meals on the table every night does not make a home. A home has a spirit of love, an air of security, and the aroma of acceptance. So how do I accomplish this? By asking for His grace every morning, to fill in the gaps when I fail, to lead me through the day, placing emphasis where it is needed and for His love to flow through me to my family, and to make this a place we call home. I pray to be intentional.

By His grace alone,

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